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People deal with the loss of a loved one in a number of different ways. Some will order headstones with a phrase that summed up their loved ones lives. Others will decide to go all out and have a monument, a bench, and a garden at the cemetery to commemorate the triumph of a life well lived. Alternitavely, many are finding that cremation ash vessels offer a number of ways to creating beautiful and befitting final remembrances, especially with the large variety of designs and styles available in the memorial industry today. Often, urn memorials are dignified, if not somewhat reserved, as one would expect. While that is so, there are many today who try to take a lighter approach. For all those who want to remember the good times, even in death, “fan urns” were created.

Was your loved one a sports fan? Was he or she the type that listened to one baseball game on the radio and watched another one on television all at the same time? Perhaps your loved one knew months in advance which team was going to make it to the final four in the NBA? Did he or she consistently pick the team that was going to the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Super Bowl, and countless other bowls? Your loved one had a special place in his heart for sports. Why not honor that with fan urns?

Somewhere up in heaven your loved one is watching the Astros take on the Mets on that big cloudy easy chair in the sky, as one of the angels is passing him or her another cold one. Why not give our loved ones the peace and comfort to know that the time, interest, and effort that they spent watching sports has not gone unnoticed by making sure that their ashes are cremated in a charming fan urn.

Cremation urns today can celebrate the passion of lifeFan cremation urns, for the uninitiated, are cremation urns that have been modified to include a design or logo of something for which a person was a devoted fan. Most often this fast-growing trend in memorials will pay homage to a person’s undying love for a particular sports team. (The Chicago Cubs, Dallas Cowboys, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish have legions of these devoted fans.) And that is what the rest of this article will discuss primarily. But, keep in mind that fans urns can be related to just about anything for which a person can be an eternal fan. In recent years, fan urns have appeared paying honor to fans of such things as Coca Cola, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and the Libertarian Political Party and even to the sport of bowling. To create fan urns, all one simply has to do is apply a little imagination to come up with a creative way to include a logo of some sort into the design of a traditional urn.

Fan urns can be quite appropriate, even if your loved one did not spend all of his or her free time obsessed with sports or a favorite team. Simply put, they can help lighten the emotional toll of any death. Your loved one surely would not want you to be too upset at their passing. Fan urns can allow you to honor your loved one’s passing, and laughingly, finally concede the importance of Saturday afternoons and Monday nights as a part of your loved one’s life. In a way, fan cremation urns can be seen as the 'ultimate tribute', as the large variety available today will help ensure that there is a vessel that perfectly captures the personality, and passion, of the dearly departed. Whats more impressive is the fact that, now in days, one can shop for that perfect urn, right from the comfort of their own home, without the hassle of having to deal with pushy sales people. Many families find that ordering their urn from a memorial product website is not only easy and convenient, but also that there is a greater range of choices from what is typically seen in most traditional funeral homes.

When it comes to fan urns, you have a number of choices, almost entirely based on which team of which sport your loved one was, or rather is still (in heaven) a fan of. Was your loved one a Dallas Cowboys fan, attending every Cowboys Training Camp, no matter how far away from home it was? There are fan urns that can fit his or her wishes. Could your loved one be heard saying “Da Bears”, and “Da Bulls” just before he or she gave “Da Prayer” at Thanksgiving Dinners? Take heart, fan urns artists will do their best to create something fitting to your loved one’s life. Did your loved one stand out in freezing rain just to see a Steelers game? If your loved one was male, did he stand with a crowd of his friends with no shirts on just so that they could spell out the letters S-T-E-E-L-E-R-S? That effort was not in vain! Fan urns remember all of their hard work. Fan urns are for people who never let troubles get them down, unless their favorite teams did not make it to the Super Bowl. (Then all bets were off!)

In fact, fan urns may be just the thing that saves the funeral from becoming too morose. The spark of life that fan urns can bring, and your willingness to poke a little fun at the situation can dry many an eye, and keep many a tear from falling, which is no doubt what your loved one would have wanted in the first place. Fan urns are for all of the people willing to say, “I’m able to laugh at myself, and even a little at my loved one if it keeps people from feeling too sad.”

Fan urns need not be thought of as only for the unsophisticated either. There are many sophisticated, well educated people who are considering fan urns when they consider their burial arrangements. Alternitavely, there are many urns that could be considered 'fan urns', but that have a very sophisticated - if not regal - appearance, such as the vessel to the left, which is ideal for anyone who loved the sport of hunting. Perhaps, although you may not have considered it before, you all of a sudden are feeling yourself leaning towards fan urns for own your burial plans as well. Did you enjoy watching the big game (almost) as much as your father or mother? There is no need to feel ashamed of that fact. If you are considering fan urns as well, it only shows that you want people to remember how much you liked the game. In fact, there is everything right about that.

There are many cremation urns that celebrate a hobby but also have a sophisticated appearanceAs well as adding levity to death, fan urns can also be quite affordable, sometimes costing a thousand dollars less than a headstone. Your loved one loved sports, and he or she no doubt wanted you to save your money, so why not pay him or her a favor on both ends. Think about it, we all spend literally thousands of hours in our lives sitting and watching television. Be honest, how many of those hours were spent wondering who would make it to March Madness, or the World Series, or the Super Bowl. There is no need to feel ashamed. Fan urns are only an acknowledgement of the time well spent with you and your loved ones. Sports unite a great many people. No matter what your beliefs on politics, the economy, religion, or any other hot button topics, you could still enjoy a good football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or other game. Even fans of rival teams rarely turn it into a blood-sport the way people on opposite sides of other fences do. When you buy fan urns, you are saying that your loved one did not take life more seriously than was necessary. He or she did not lose sight of the fact that no matter where you come out on other issues, sports are a nonpartisan affair. So too are fan urns. For that matter, what about people that your loved one did not get along with? If he or she and they enjoyed a game together, did it not have a seemingly magical effect of bringing them together? Fan urns are only an acknowledgement that your loved one was able to bring people together through the power of sports.

Just consider how many family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving Day have centered around sports. At many households, it is often customary to play a game of football after Thanksgiving Dinner. Did your father pretend he was Roger Staubach? Did your mother cheer the family on like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Fan urns are a way of acknowledging all of the good times that you had that centered around sports before your loved one’s life finally drew to a close. Perhaps fan urns are particularly important for those whose profession revolved around sports. Did your mother or father work as a coach, goalie, stadium maintenance employee, or in another sports related field? If not, did he or she ever join a sports team, or always wish that he or she had? Fan urns recognize your loved one’s commitment to the job that he or she loved so much. How about the countless fathers and mothers who cheered their young ones on at soccer, football, and baseball games? Because of their love for you, your parents developed a love for the sport that you were involved in as well. If your father or mother was among millions who spent their Saturday mornings, and weekday evenings going to and from your pee-wee sports and practices, do not fan urns serve as a better than decent way of saying thank you? Show your father or mother now that he or she is gone what you no doubt told them many times in life, “Thank you”, with fan urns.

For many seniors, “Senior Softball” is serious business. While for those younger there may be something a bit quaint about watching a bunch of old men run from one base to the next, they can nonetheless become very competitive, even going to tournaments around the country. For many seniors, it is not easy even getting out of bed in the morning. These seniors stood bravely and tried their best not to fumble the ball, or get a “grinder.” As the fruits of your loved one’s time, sweat, blood and tears, perhaps it is time to give fan urns special consideration. You can admit it to yourself if you like, if fan urns were not urns (or maybe even if they were) would they not in all probability find a place on your loved one’s bookshelf, perhaps next to the pictures of you, your family, and he or she, toy cars, action figures, and books on the history of Monday night football?

Fan Cremation urns not only celebrate an interest, but countless shared memories as wellFan urns leave your loved one with one last piece of memorabilia that he or she might not have even considered in life. Fan urns are a rapidly growing trend among sports fans. As time passes, and other sports fans see your loved one’s urn at the cemetery, perhaps they will say, “Ah, he was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys when that was a good thing to be,” or “She had to endure a lot when she was a fan of the Colorado Rockies.” Fan urns may even identify your loved one as a person of their times, and does not everyone want to be associated with the times? In the end, fan urns could win the departed sports fan in your life a special place in the hearts of the cemetery staff.

Another reason that fan urns are a great choice is that everyone is a fan of something. Some are fans of politics, others of religion, and others of philosophy. Many typical urns and memorial headstones will have clever words pointing to what they held as important in their lives? In fact, headstones can now be personalized in a number of ways, and with the help of clip-art type images (or heastones emblems), can certainly honor a person's passion in life. How are these not kinds of “fan headstones” and “fan urns?” Everyone values something, and your loved one valued sports, a pastime that draws people together, starts up conversations, and strikes a non-confrontational “middle ground” for small talk in the elevator, or at the water cooler. What indeed is wrong with that? Nothing at all. Some who visit cemeteries remember their loved ones in sadness, perhaps sitting on their benches as they look upon their loved ones monuments. It does not have to be that way for you though. The perfect complement to fan urns is not necessarily, a garden, a bronze headstone, or a monument. It is a Yankee stadium hot dog, a Coke, or a cold beer on a hot dog, as you say to your loved one, “We are really gonna miss you. Did you happen to see the Astros take on the Yankees last Sunday? Wasn’t that awesome?!”

Even by looking at fan urns, it will be amazing how much better you will feel, and how the tension will just melt away. Go ahead, you are allowed to smile, allowed to laugh, and yes, even allowed to think about what Sports Center will be talking about this weekend if the minister’s eulogy gets to be a little less than interesting at the baseball game…I mean funeral. Your loved one’s fan urn will have the added benefit of letting everyone know that your loved one was a real person. When people see sports fans, even if they are not themselves of that ilk, they nonetheless see them as salt of the earth people, the kind of person you could confide in if you were down, or would keep you happy if you were in a good mood. Fan urns are an acknowledgment that your loved one could be anybody’s best friend.

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