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Basketball urns are some of the newest sports urns. This memorial tradition is only a few years old, but these special pieces are already among the widest ranging and diverse of sports cremation urns. As basketball has grown from a curious pastime played in barns during cold New England winters to an American spectacle to, now, a worldwide obsession threatening to rival soccer as humanity’s favorite sport in the coming decades, basketball cremation urns have seen their demand increase by multitudes. Interestingly, however, basketball urns are a relatively new idea in terms of memorial traditions. Whereas cremation urns celebrating other sports -- such as boxing -- have their designs rooted in the classic age, the basketball urn came about relatively recently. Only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries did basketball begin becoming such a passion for its players that only a basketball cremation urn would be a fitting choice. Here is a brief guide to the many choices and options available for basketball urns today.

Baseball cremation urns are available in a variety of stylesBecause the idea is such a new one, many NBA teams and colleges have not yet begun to market basketball cremation urns. However, a few teams, such as the Chicago Bulls, the LA Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns say that discussion is in the works, and they hope to roll out a product line sometime soon. Until then, if the departed was a fan of the NBA, or college basketball, the best idea for now is to get a standard cremation urn, perhaps in the color of his favorite team, and have the logo then engraved. If one is taking this approach, it may be wise to invest a little time investigating types of urns, which can greatly help in determining what urn is needed to suit their needs. While these kinds of basketball cremation urn may take some special consideration, many urn makers have expressed a willingness to do this, and the sentiment of it will not go unnoticed.

For fans of basketball in general, there is much more to choose from when it comes to basketball cremation urns.

No matter how difficult life could be, they always found time to relax and enjoy a good game outside. A basketball urn with an acrylic case for the ashes, and a holder on top for the departed's favorite ball is perfect any “weekend warrior,” who was always there for a round of hoops in the driveway, or the park.

If the deceased was an active basketball player or coach, whether it was for a pee-wee, college, or even professional basketball team, a basketball urn that resembles a trophy may be more fitting, in order to honor all of his hard work and effort. For these fans, there is a stylish walnut urn with a brass plate on the front. These basketball urns feature a basketball going through the hoop with room for the departed's name, date of birth, and date of death. These basketball urns are a great way that the departed's family can commemorate his “slam dunk,” of a life.

Another option, perfect for players and coaches, is the basketball angel urn. These basketball urns allow plenty of space for the departed's name, date of birth and date of death, as well as for a few words about his life. They also have a picture frame to display an image of the departed in action on the court. Not only that, this basketball urn also comes with an angel pendant, lifting the deceased's remains up to heaven.

Sandstone basketball urns also feature a ball going through the hoop, and are also available in companion style. If the departed will have a headstone, these basketball urns will fit in well with it, and the cemetery's natural scene. Sandstone basketball urns are perfect for one who loved basketball and the outdoors.

Basketball keepsakes can honor a loved one and their passionThere is also a wide array of jewelry basketball cremation urns. Basketball memorial jewelry can be filled with a small amount of cremation ashes, or any other similar remembrance. Basketball locket urns, made from gold vermeil or sterling silver, look as though they are racing towards the hoop. Basketball pendant urns with their perfectly symmetrical curves, such as that to the right, look ready to be dribbled. Likewise, keychain basketball urns have just the right mixture of strength, beauty, and class, perfect for honoring the memory of a loved one.

Basketball plays an especially important part in the lives of many young people. For a life cut so short, winning a basketball championship, or setting a new record might well have been the departed's greatest and most lasting achievement in life. For them, there is all the more reason to show pride in those accomplishments with a basketball cremation urn.

In addition to that, basketball urns are among the most affordable urns anywhere. While other forms of burial can cost upwards of $2000, basketball urns can sometimes be purchased for less than $100. Funerals can be among the most costly affairs a person will ever put together. Affordable basketball urns will come as a blessing to money wise families.

In the end, like life itself, basketball is a game of precision, hard work, and commitment. Basketball urns are a great way to honor all of those qualities in the life of a loved one. If the departed could look down from heaven, he would no doubt know that his labors were not vain as they appreciate their basketball urns.

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