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Football may well be the most popular sport in America. So it makes sense that football urns are a rising trend as well. There are those who weigh all other memories according to when a team was in their prime or when a certain coach trained a particular team. Perhaps one of the crowning moments of their lives was to see a game that went down in the record books, or to shake the hand of a famous coach or player. To these diehard fans, this was the center of their lives. So, with that in mind, it only seems fitting to honor their commitment with football urns.

Football fans can celebrate their favorite passtime with a football themed cremation urnFor the all around lover of the game, there are football urns with a football on top and an oak box to store the ashes. These will remind families of happier days, like Thanksgiving afternoons, when they tossed around the pigskin, having fun in the backyard with the departed.

Some like football urns that allow them to get more creative. For them, there are solid bronze urns with a football and a plaque above it, where survivors can express their love for the departed in detail. These football urns can be the most informative, and provide the most vivid windows of any into who the person really was (besides just a football fan) Buyers of these football urns will also be impressed that the lettering can be laser engraved, which will ensure that the words will remain clear and legible for a long time to come. These football urns are also light weight and easy to handle. This is especially good if it is passed around as loved ones remember the departed at the funeral.

The football fan with great taste will find much to appreciate in walnut football urns with brass plates. These football urns, which come with a helmet, a goal post, and a football, look more like commemorative plates than typical urns, which in a very meaningful way is exactly what they are.

For those who want to keep a piece of their loved ones with them at all times, there are keepsake football urns. These urns, which are worn in either a necklace or earrings, and come in silver and gold vermeil. Not only do these football urns help guide family members in what their loved ones would have done in a given situation, it may also cause them to not to worry too much. After all, the departed was able to relax as he watched to game, so the living should as well.

Football keepsakes are appropriate for families who wish to save a small portion of a remembranceA similar increasingly common football urn is the “football angel.” With a walnut box, a picture of the departed (perhaps as he donned a football uniform) and angel wings as though to lift him up to heaven, these football urns are sure to bring comfort to families with a departed loved one. These football urns will be especially poignant for families who have lost a loved one during an accident on a football field. Football angel urns are a great way to say “Good job son!”

Then there are football urns for fans of a number of NFL teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and many other teams. Typically, these football urns are steel boxes upon which an emblem of the departed's favorite team can be engraved. These football urns are marvels of beauty and are sure to catch many eyes.

As is the case with virtually all memorabilia urns, football urns come at an incredibly low price, sometimes for less than $300, and seldom more than $700. They also offer a unique alternative to typical urns, perfect for one who did not want people to be too upset even at their passing. There is no doubt of the importance of cremation urns, as they hold and protect the earthly remains of a loved one, so why not fashion an ash vessel to preserve the passion of a lifetime as well?

There are many endearing qualities of diehard football fans. Not only do they have a deep level of knowledge and commitment to the game, but they also know how to relax and be at ease through even the choppiest of life's waters, knowing that whatever happens, football at least will probably survive. What better way to honor this commitment then, than with football urns.

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