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Waiving the Checkered Flag For The Final Lap

Race Car auto racing, like life itself, necessitates quick thinking, flexibility, and a degree of risk. All of this keeps its millions of fans coming back to the tracks every Saturday wanting more. When it comes to urns for car racing, the avid fan and the active participant both have an abundance of attractive choices to decide from.

For the refined Race Car or NASCAR Fan, there is the stainless steel, "Final Lap," Race Car Urn. This urn's silver appliqué captures in detail everything that is central to a racer's life. Together in the middle of the urn is a steering wheel, a flag, and a helmet, encircled by a line of racing track. For the departed, racing has come to an end, but this car racing cremation urn will ensure that he goes out with style and sophistication.

Race car fans would find great amusement in the evergrowing availability of race car urnsThe fan who never fully parted ways with his inner child will be well represented by Racecar urns as well. For him, there is the NASCAR race car urn. This urn features a cold cast polymer car, not unlike the ones the deceased enjoyed through childhood and beyond. These come in yellow, red, and blue - although, the red racecar urns are currently the most popular of these - and stand in front of racing flags. For those racecar collectors, the car figurine on this wonderful urn can be switched out with a favorite collectible car. This racing urn is so lifelike, it looks ready to zip away at "Ready, Set, Go!"

There are also marble urns that are available with images of a race car, or a driver. These race car cremation urns well illustrate the racecar lover's enthusiasm with an air of classicism as well. As they gaze into the glimmering beauty of these finely cut racecar urns, loved ones and friends will surely hope that their ashes can be entered in them as well when they pass.

Another line of Auto racing urns, that hit the market in 2007, comes in the shape of a typical ceramic urn, but is lined with car racing decals. These urns fire the imagination and are filled with excitement. They are however in somewhat limited supply; Fans interested in this urn might also consider having one custom made to their specifications, a procedure available among most urn makers.

When it comes to custom making race car urns, the departed might also like one of the first cars he owned. This way, friends and family can admire the humble beginnings of his love for car racing. Another idea for a cremation urn might be racing flags waving as the race is about to begin. Although they will be in tears over the departed’s passing, the audience, as at the beginning of a race on earth, are sure to feel a sense of excitement, knowing that the departed will now be able to race without any fear at all in heaven. The options available when custom making a race car urn are practically boundless.

Race car fans are perhaps perfectly memorialized with a race car memorialSoon the industry also hopes to market NASCAR urns bearing the names and/or car numbers of famous racers, such as Dale Earnhardt, Carl Yarbrough, and Jeff Gordon. It is known that these urns would start out fairly small in size, about the size of a large coffee cup. Discussion however is still going on as to other aspects of how these NASCAR cremation urns would look, such as their colors, the number of NASCAR stars that will initially be featured, and when they are scheduled to be released.

Sometimes loved ones of departed NASCAR fans will pay them extra tribute by submitting their NASCAR cremation urns to the racing company and arranging for the ashes to be spread over a racetrack. George Helms, of Talent, Ore, in March, 2008, was honored by his family in such a way, as they arranged for his ashes to be spread over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Reading Park Fairgrounds, in Reading PA. Has received a number of requests for this as well. Getting a NASCAR cremation urn is good, and surely this is even better.

For those wanting to keep a piece of a loved one with them, especially in the case where the ashes are spread, there are key chain cremation urns. This urn comes as a keychain with angel wings, along with a stainless steel cylinder for the ashes, resembling a shock absorber. These key chain cremation urns remind the living that the fans in their lives are not truly gone, and that only their bodies have departed from this world, not their spirits.

Race car fans are salt of the earth people, with down to earth beliefs. They believe in hard work, strength of character, tradition, and bravery, qualities well embodied in their sport of choice. These attributes are also well represented in each car racing cremation urn as well. As loved ones admire the beauty of a car cremation urn, they will surely think of how these things worked themselves out in the life of the departed. While limited in supply, are among the most affordable, as well as the most decorative and ornate. What was not possible a generation ago has now come true, a Car Racing Urn. Race Car and NASCAR fans can finally rest in peace.

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