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The Cremation Urn for True Soccer Fans

Soccer is a game that demands every bit of a person's energy, passion, and ability to reason carefully. As each team tries to move the ball into the other’s goal post, sliding past players of the opposing team, fatigue can begin to set in. The game becomes even more challenging when it is tied, and has to go into extra innings, as a “penalty shoot out” begins. Each player just hopes that their kick can bring the game to an end and victory to their team. In the end, that is what makes it all worth it. Soccer urns recognize all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the sport, and are a great way to celebrate the memory of a soccer player’s life well lived.

The traditionally minded soccer player will find much to appreciate in the walnut soccer cremation urn. This soccer urn comes in a beautifully stylized wood. On the front side is a steel plate with a choice of either a foot kicking a soccer ball around on the field, or a more colorful soccer ball leaned against the goal box, with a shoe by its side. Either would be a beautiful tribute to the integrity of a departed soccer player, and they are both sure to catch the eyes of admiring family and friends. Soccer cremation urns are very popular, as they tie in a personal touch with a traditional appearance, which offers a tribute that is both befitting and dignified.

For soccer fans, life begins when the season startsOne of the most futuristic looking soccer cremation urns features a soccer ball inside of a plexi-glass frame, over a maple wood box. This amazing soccer urn might not have been possible 20 years ago, but it gives a glimpse into what the majority of soccer urns might look like in another decade. At the same time, the maple wood box shows that it is not a complete departure from the more wooden soccer urns of the past. This is the perfect soccer urn for today’s transitional times.

The more artistic soccer player will be well represented by “soccer angel urns.” These soccer cremation urns are made of a charming oak wood, and feature a sterling silver angel, right below the name plate, kicking a soccer ball with one of his shiny robed legs. Along with that, these soccer urns also feature a photo frame for a picture of the departed as he gave his all on the soccer field. This soccer cremation urn is sure to bring back happy memories of the departed, and how much fun he had as he played his favorite game.

A porcelain soccer urn is one of the most descriptive. Available for both men and women, these soccer urns depict a very close soccer game, the kind of soccer game the departed loved to share stories about. As the crowd cheers, these soccer urns show two players on opposite teams trying desperately to get control of the ball, so that their team can win the game. These are the moments the departed lived for as he swiped the ball from the competition, and lead his team to victory. It will be hard not to smile a little as one admires this colorful, lifelike soccer cremation urn.

The sandstone soccer cremation urn depicts a game that seems to have stretched from late afternoon into night, possibly with neck and neck scores all the way through. In its final moments that could go either way, the goalie is managing to keep the ball from coming into the goal post. The departed loved these sorts of games, where he and his team were able to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. Now his favorite moments in life are forever immortalized in this soccer urn.

The different designs of soccer cremation urns available ensure a befitting tributeSoccer fans will also be glad to know that professional soccer cremation urns will soon be available. This means that loved ones will soon be able to order a soccer cremation urn with the departed’s favorite team logo engraved. Already, final arrangements are being made with numerous professional teams that will hopefully be solidified in the next few years. These soccer urns will create a broader range of options for fans, and are sure to pay an even greater tribute to each departed soccer fans love of the game.

Those wanting to keep a piece of the departed behind will enjoy soccer jewelry urns. These soccer urns, which come as realistic looking soccer ball earrings, are small enough to be stylish, but large enough to have room for the departed’s ashes. Loved ones of the departed who were these jewelry soccer urns are likely to be stopped again and again, by people asking, “Where did you get those lovely earrings? I want a pair just like them.” They will also feel a sense of peace wearing these earrings, and are sure to think back often on happy memories of the departed, as he conquered the soccer field. These comforting attributes is what really makes cremation urn jewelry special, and the highly detailed soccer design will only allow the person wearing the piece to feel all the more close to their lost loved one. This soccer urn jewelry will allow them to feel that a piece of the departed remains, to guide them in life’s decisions, and comfort them so that they will not feel alone.

Perhaps the best soccer urn a person can buy is the one that he custom makes himself. These offer a wide range of exciting possibilities. Not only will each soccer cremation urn be one of a kind, allowing loved ones of the departed to paint a clearer picture of the kind of person he was, they will also have the natural affect of bringing families closer together in the process. As families design a soccer cremation urn, they are sure to be filled with many happy memories of soccer fields, exciting games, and the rides home after a victory.

Soccer is a non-stop, action packed game, with highs, lows, and little time for anything in between. The departed worked hard throughout his whole life to be the best. Now, all of his commitment and sacrifice can be honored with a soccer urn. Whether the deceased had a traditional mindset towards the game or an eye towards the future, one thing is certain. There is a soccer cremation urn guaranteed to fit his personality, and the level of devotion he had for the game.

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