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The Final Frontier is near - Last take off for the Enterprise

It is safe to say that since the series’ first episode aired in 1966, Star Trek has become a household name. Star Trek urns, after being introduced by a Vulcan at the Oct. 9th, 2008 Star Trek Experience Convention, in Las Vegas are now officially available. These urns are sure to provide an exciting, futuristic alternative to urns of the past.

Star Trek urns come in a variety of different choices. One, reminiscent of the United Federation of Planets design, features a black, steel sphere in the center for the ashes, supported by metal rods. At its base, this Star Trek urn has the Starfleet insignia, and often has the lettering “NCC 0001,” as though the urn was actually the departed’s own personal starship, bound for eternity at warp speed. There is however the option of having something else written. Some Trekkies for example will have the names “Spock,” or “Kirk,” written on it instead. These urns are so beautiful and unique that they would still be eye catching even if they were not Star Trek related.

Star Trek urns are also available as wooden boxes with pictures of the original Starship Enterprise on their faces. Just as it was with the Enterprise, the departed Trekkie is headed on a long journey into eternity, and is certain to have many exciting voyages along the way. In addition to that, these Star Trek urns will also inspire the deceased’s loved ones to have a spirit of adventure themselves in this life.

Soon Star Trek “book” urns will also be available, as the Trekkie will be able to choose his favorite book cover to be the top of his urn. Many of the Star Trek book covers have beautiful artwork that automatically draws the eye towards it. Now, it will be as though Star Trek fans will be able to enjoy their favorite books for all eternity. A design already gaining much popularity is the cover of William Shatner’s Star Trek novel, “The Ashes of Eden,” the story of Captain Kirk’s search for continued purpose and meaning in old age.

For diehard fans, Star Trek cremation urns are also available those resemble props in the movies. Throughout the films, Captain Kirk had a Grecian metal vase on the bookshelf of his ready room. Now, the departed Trekkie can have this prop as his urn. This beautiful Star Trek cremation urn comes in a classical style, with a marble bluish-green color. This is a Star Trek cremation urn sure to remind the departed’s family of the sophistication and good taste he acquired as he watched his favorite program throughout the years.

There are also Star Trek dillithium crystal cremation urns. These are box urns with crystal on top. Fans of the show well remember that dillithium crystal; the stuff that made the Enterprise run had a beautiful, translucent appearance. So too do these Star Trek cremation urns. The departed’s soul was his dillithium crystal, but unlike the ones on the show, it never ran out. This Star Trek cremation urn will cause loved ones and passersby to admire it and to ponder how in life, the deceased’s energy never seemed to run out.

Although details are yet unclear, Star Trek pet urns will also likely become available sometime next year, so that Scrappy the dog, or Buttons the cat may soon join their humans in space. If the rumors are true, these Star Trek pet urns are sure to be big sellers as well.

The Star Trek cremation urn is not the only specialized burial equipment available to the Trekkie. There are photon torpedo caskets as well, hearkening back to Spock’s funeral in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan. There is already discussion in the works for Star Trek headstones and vaults as well, set to go on the market in 2010. Surely none of these are as beautiful and as awe inspiring though as Star Trek urns.

Star Trek has always been more than just a T.V. show. It is a movement that has defined a generation of believers. For more than 40 years, Star Trek has offered hope of a better world that was free of oppression, racially equal, and open to discovery and scientific exploration. Star Trek has made Americans better people than they were when the show first hit the airwaves, and its fans have every right to be proud of its accomplishments. As they believed in its core values in life, it is only fitting for them to be cremated in Star Trek urns after death.


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